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In the future… music has returned to The People. Plutocracies & Oligarchs have fallen, and the tree of life stands tall amongst both sides of the river that flows from the throne of The Most High... Transcending space & time, the frequencies of an iLL.Luminous Brutez + The M.E.E.K radiate thru out the stream of consciousness of the twelve tribes... a trumpet praising the Most High while waking sleeping giants… the child-like prisoners of Babylon.

The first in a series of EP's released by the Detroit born SoCAL native, "I & I : WAKE" is iLL.Luminous Brutez first foray into the system of Babylon's music end-us-try. A wholesome exploration into the mind & soul of M.R Dozier and collaboration with his tribe... individuals of a whole expressing themselves through poetry, Hip-Hop, Soul & the spoken forum. Orators & seed planters placing breadcrumbs for the children to WAKE.

Listen with the intention to expand your paradigm and open up possibilities.... reaffirm those feelings that have been clouded by a blinded society and wake the conscious mind of you & I and I&I as ONE.


released March 1, 2014

Recording & Mix Engineer : Mychal Roland Haworth

Audio Mastering by: X:144

Executive Produced by: M.R. Dozier & D.W Dozier

This Album is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


iLL.Luminous Brutez + The Meek Palmdale, California

iLL.Luminous Brutez + The Meek create live improvisational compositions of Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, and Experimental Folk/World Music. Combining Live-Looping, Dub & Live Vocal Sampling Techniques to create live music in the raw & to the beat of the moment.

iLL.Luminous Brutez manifests as a Live-Loop artist creating unique compositions with vocal acrobatics that are versatile & raw in nature.
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Track Name: H.E.M.P Music (Ode to Every Seed Bearing Plant)
Verse 1:

See it don't take much to make the people sway/ or the movement turn still or revolutionary/ crooked politicians screaming out bloody mary/with all this blood & war is really necessary

When all the WIDE world really needs today/ is a peaceful revolution planting seeds every way/ leaves will heal the nations/ sow hempseeds everywhere/ then we... Celebrate this... "Hemp" Music

This Hemp music/metaphysically change the lands/ fighting radiation spread from Japan/refresh ya pineal gland/ the man, took the hemp from Afrikaans and changed how we stand/ how we perceived the plant/ and imprisoned the man, separating nature from family in this land of tar sands & dust/ political mistrust/ holy seeds what we need/ hold the stems/ no seeds/ and peace & prayers to the east/ it's hemp season

Verse 2:
Now see, HEMP every time that I hear it/activate whole light body mind and spirit/Some get stimulated to grow but then they fear it/for the sake of my family and bones man i can feel it!

Leaves are for the healing of the nations! X4

Freedom lies not far away/from the conscious youths of America/ yes/in god we pray/that we see the light and be the way/ sow seeds humble hustle everyday

I&I recognize we're we gotta go/ yes we got to go head and wash our (royal) robes/ yep/ leaves exist for the healing of a nation/ these seeds are for the peace/ n my people waiting patiently

See in all truth this whole hemp conspiracy fact has everything to do with the wealth and health of the planet right now. This herb is the healing of a nation. Prison reform, the clean energy crisis, homelessness, hunger, deforestation, corporate warfare. The Story of Stuff... It can all be in the abyss of past history. Self Sustainable hemp can literally fuel the world economies in Peace. But The Beast wants you to ignore it... Wants you to consume so that you can be consumed as a resource to fuel a beast thousands of years alive in the societal unconscious... War with a metaphysical entity!!! Wake up! Remove the fluoride from your Third, see thru the deceit in this allegory of the cave...